Mukadimah Guru Besar:

The contents of the creed are as follows:

1. Awareness of Science

Science occurs because of the existence of phenomena in nature and awareness in humanity. Because of this, awareness of science is only complete when it is reconciled with the reality of nature. This is the return of science to nature.

2. Responsibility

Because we do not live alone, we are involved in society and culture; between ourselves and nature there is always society and culture. Thus for that reason, the return of science to nature must pass through society and culture. This is the true way of humanity.

3. Humanity

It is impossible for good science to destroy society and become counter cultural, because in such cases it is impossible for science to return to nature. Thus, legitimate science must protect society and culture.

4. Compassion

Further, good science must strengthen the energy of good relations between people. This energy is compassion. Without compassion, human relations are dry and oppressive. Compassion brings humans closer to nature because compassion is the essence of the life force, the essence of growth, and the essence of healing. Without compassion we will be unable to return science to nature.

5. Return

We of Persatuan Gerak Badan silat will return our science to nature through will and action, to defend humankind, defend culture, and preserve the flame of compassion.


(mukadimah read this first on september 27 1977 , on the night celebration of the full moon and expressed as The Grandmaster’s Preamble for the whole representative anywhere perguruan are located )