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KIE LIN PGB BANGAU PUTIH's KIE LIN – cultural preservation


PGB Bangau Putih’s Kie lin – Preserving the World Culture

Several unique culture in Bogor which succeeded be preserve nowadays is Kie Lin. It was because of the hard work of PGB Bangau Putih’s elder. The perguruan has moved the Kie Lin several times so that it can last. Let alone, Kie Lin has been built three (3) times, in earlier 1950, 1954 (back then it was made of tarpaulin bag), and the newest one is the one in Kebon Jukut up until now. “At the beginning we placed the kie lin in Gedong Dalam, and then in Pulasara for 2 years, until now it is placed here in Kebon Jukut.,” said Gunawan Rahardja, the chief of PGB Bangau Putih who is one of Subur Rahardja or Lim Sin Tjoei’s sons. Back then, Subur was known as one of important social figure in Bogor.


kielinThe only Kie Lin in Indonesia is only in Bogor, preserved by the PGB Bangau Putih members. The Kie Lin’s dance and music is very rare and authentic, also there is no other perguruan silat or Lion dance art schools that have Kie Lin as their barong.

In Cap Go Meh (15 days after the Chinese New Year) event in Bogor, Kie Lin is trusted to lead the procession of Kongco Ho Tek Ceng Sin, and also as the opening of the procession of the dragon and lion dances and Bogor’s folk art. In Bogor society, Kie Lin is known as the host of Cap Go Meh Carnaval which held by Yayasan Vihara Dhanagun, Bogor.

Kie Lin and Silat finesse is one whole unity. Because of that, the requirements of the Kie Lin players have to train their silat in PGB Bangau Putih. In other word,  the preservation of Kie Lin is an absolute unity with the silat training.

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Perguruan Silat Persatuan Gerak Badan (PGB) Bangau Putih berdiri sejak tanggal 25 Desember 1952. Pendiri adalah (alm) Suhu Subur Rahardja. Penerus sekarang adalah Guru Besar Gunawan Rahardja. Perguruan ini berpusat di Bogor, beralamat di Jl. Kebon Jukut No,1, Sukasari - Bogor 16142. ====================================== Persatuan Gerak Badan, (PGB) Bangau Putih, is a martial art school and community association that was founded in Bogor, West Java on December 25th, 1952 by the late Master Subur Rahardja or known as Suhu Subur. The Cent

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