Organization Council Programs

Organization Council Programs for 2016 - 2020


  1. 1. Returning Knowledge to Nature through Society and Culture
  2. 2. Preserving Silat Culture of PGB Bangau Putih
  3. 3. Establising Silat Education and Training Institute



  1. 1. To improve training system and database at Central, Branch, Internship, and Group levels throughout PGB Bangau Putih Silat Institute regions.
  2. 2. To map various aspects of potentials of the Institute, both in terms of knowledge and organization
  3. 3. To improve ceremonial/ritual practices in the Institute




  1. 1. SILATSCHOOL Silat Institute. To arrange and improve managerial capacity of the Organizational Council of PGB Bangau Putih Silat Institute, both at national and regional levels in Indonesia and with the international community.
  2. 2. SILATORIUM Silat Laboratory. To unify moves and directions of the Organizational Council and The Knowledge Council of PGB Bangau Putih toward the agreed upon goals.
  3. 3. SILATOUR Silat Networking Tour. To build and synchronize the cooperation between the Organizational Council, the Knowledge Council, and the Business Council to develop silat educational networking throughout Indonesia and the international community.
  4. 4. SILATPUSTAKA Silat Library. To develop a bulletin Warta Bangau, and a magazine, D’EcoArt as a cross-discipline interaction media and make both of them as material of information and study of silat and its implementation.



  • - To make PGB Bangau Putih an educational institution to allow more opportunities to cooperate with other institutions or with the government, both at national and regional levels.
  • - To make PGB Bangau Putih a Silat Institute to allow room for knowledge interaction which is wider and cross-discipline



  • - Strengthening PG Bangau Putih Silat Institute positioning in the national education domain.
  • - Enabling Silat Institute to be positioned under the Ministry of Education and Culture so that it can contribute to the art and cultural diversity in Indonesia.


SILATORIUM Silat Laboratory

  • - Creating instruments to record, document, and analyze silat prospects
  • - Silatorium opens the opportunity that silat can be more deeply observed, tested, and developed into applicative knowledge.
  • - Silatorium may become an important instrument to observe and understand the connection between different knowledges, both in Indonesia and abroad.
  • - In larger scale, Silatorium is a living laboratory of PGB Bangau Putih in the environment and social life of people in Bogor and  surrounding areas.


SILATOUR Silat Networking Tour

1. Visit Program to Branches

  • - Practicing  Silat, Tao Kung, Sam Po Kun
  • - Recognizing Art and Cultural Activities
  • - Art and Cultural Exchange
  • - Site-Seeing Program in natural tourism objects


2. Residential Silat Program

  • - Holding Silat, Tao Kung, Sam Po Kun workshops
  • - Holding Silat, Art, and Silaturahmi seminars
  • - Holding Art and Cultural Collaborative Activities
  • - Organizing Joint Performances and/or Exhibitions
  • - Organizing Social Activities with Community



Warta Bangau Bulletin

  • - Organizing Monthly Discussion Forum
  • - Making Coverage of Institute’s Internal Activities
  • - Documenting and Publishing the Bulletin on monthly basis
  • - Distributing the Bulletin to all Branches, Internship, and Training Groups


D’EcoArt magazine

  • - Holding Semi-Annual Workshops and Seminars
  • - Making Coverage of Silat Activities, National Art and Culture
  • - Building Interaction with Higher Education Institutes
  • - Distributing the Magazine to institutions working in education and cultural area, both formal and informal institutions
  • - Expanding the Distribution to Partner Countries’ Embassies

About Bangau Putih

Perguruan Silat Persatuan Gerak Badan (PGB) Bangau Putih berdiri sejak tanggal 25 Desember 1952. Pendiri adalah (alm) Suhu Subur Rahardja. Penerus sekarang adalah Guru Besar Gunawan Rahardja. Perguruan ini berpusat di Bogor, beralamat di Jl. Kebon Jukut No,1, Sukasari - Bogor 16142. ====================================== Persatuan Gerak Badan, (PGB) Bangau Putih, is a martial art school and community association that was founded in Bogor, West Java on December 25th, 1952 by the late Master Subur Rahardja or known as Suhu Subur. The Cent

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