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Silat Martial Arts

   Silat provides a wide range of training and development opportunities that are not only good for physical health but also good for developing and cultivating our personality. The main basis of PGB White Crane Silat is to cultivate integrity, follow the rule of truth and honesty, maintain a harmonious relationship with nature, heighten one's self discipline and etiquette and learning to master self control. The movements within PGB White Crane silat are harmonious, these movements are characteristic of Silat itself. These forms combine softness with hard blocks and powerful striking techniques. Practicing these movements is not only useful for self-defense or defense of the body, but also useful in everyday life (such as mastery of our mental state and our emotions). The exercises in the PGB White Crane system process natural energy through the fusion of both the martial elements and the artistic elements of martial arts.

Practicing consistently will bring happiness and the realization that the body, mind and spirit is a gift that must be cultivated and maintained.

Sumpah Warga Persatuan (the Oath of PGB's Member):

Kami bersumpah,

  1. 1. Sanggup Memelihara Kepribadian (Able to maintain integrity)
  2. 2. Sanggup Patuh pada Kejujuran (Able to follow the rule of Truth and Honesty)
  3. 3. Sanggup Mempertinggi Prestasi (Can honor the science)
  4. 4. Sanggup Menjaga Sopan santun (Able to keep good etiquette)
  5. 5. Sanggup Menguasai Diri (Able to control themselves)

(all of Sumpah spoken in indonesian language).


The training method silat for the members are;

  • 1. Skill / acrobatics; train physical / stamina and flexibility of the body
  • 2. Short Movement; train power, train motor nerve
  • 3. Ambilan (throw); train feeling and timing
  • 4. Technique Movement; train position and tempo
  • 5. Long Movement; train rhythm
  • 6. Tui cu; train application of the whole the motion



For branches outside indonesia, please visit in footer of our official website (the link).


(see on http://pgbbangauputih.org/page/view/peringkat-sabuk-belt-level)

About Bangau Putih

Perguruan Silat Persatuan Gerak Badan (PGB) Bangau Putih berdiri sejak tanggal 25 Desember 1952. Pendiri adalah (alm) Suhu Subur Rahardja. Penerus sekarang adalah Guru Besar Gunawan Rahardja. Perguruan ini berpusat di Bogor, beralamat di Jl. Kebon Jukut No,1, Sukasari - Bogor 16142. ====================================== Persatuan Gerak Badan, (PGB) Bangau Putih, is a martial art school and community association that was founded in Bogor, West Java on December 25th, 1952 by the late Master Subur Rahardja or known as Suhu Subur. The Cent

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