What Does "Opening" Mean?

When we open training, we stand in a circle in a certain order, make some motions and say some things. What does it mean?


The initial and final positions indicate that we are physically and mentally ready to do our training.

The open right hand in front of the left breast means one is willing to participate in the practice, honestly believing in and accepting the trainer’s guidance.

The bow with the five fingers of the right hand palm up in front of the chest and four fingers of the left hand pointing up means: in the five continents and four directions of the world, we are family based on mutual respect.

The opening performed before the long movements is understood to be a traditional politeness and respect given on entering a special space. By performing the opening and closing poses we indicate the special nature of the long movements so that they are done in a focused, concentrated, and meditative way, not allowing oneself to be distracted by anything else. Because the space is our soul.


Why Three Steps Back?

Why take three steps back to enlarge the opening circle?


The purpose is so that every student can comfortably perform the opening and closing. This is measured from the human boundary (the skin and aura), three steps back is a distance that is not too far and not too close. If too far, we don't feel the unity of the circle. If too close, each student is uncomfortable.


The count of three is not a fixed number. The trainer may change the number to fit with the size of the room and the number of students training. As an example, a single step back is often used during belt tests with many students and limited room.


Why is the logo on the Left Side? 

The PGB symbol appears over the left side of the chest because the heart is located there.


Why is the logo over the left side of the chest?

The school symbol is not just a logo drawing but rather a symbol of the love planted in the heart of each student. Love for the movements and the knowledge, and the fellowship within.


Why Tie Men's belts on the Left, Women's on the Right?

The PGB system pays close attention to balance and difference. There is a left and a right. The way of tying belts also shows that there are real differences between male and female. Among them are differences in physical body structure, and character. Each must act and move in line with their nature. The trainer must understand that treatment in training must be different. In fact, at certain levels, there are differences in the movements and the way of training.


How and What is The School Soja Greeting?

The Soja shows mutual respect and friendship.


The traditional PGB Soja greeting is done by joining the two hands together palm to palm and centered before the chest, standing perfectly upright, and carrying nothing in the hands or arms. The person returning the greeting does the same.


The greeting to the Guru Besar (Suhu / Grand Master), especially on formal PGB occasions, is done in the 3/4 position (beesi 3/4). Males place the left knee on the ground, females the right.

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