Tao Kung System

Tao Kung is a system of exercise created by Grandmaster Gunawan Rahardja to address the needs of people who have experienced health problems, and for older adults who wish to improve and/or maintain their health. Tao Kung  movements are done slowly with attention focused on the body’s position.

The movements themselves stimulate the internal organs, and create a balance between the internal organs and the various parts of the body, between hard and soft tissue, mind and soul. All together, these elements form the physical and spiritual person.

A person can be said to be healthy when the body’s metabolism works normally and harmoniously. As a person grows older, their overall health deteriorates. Deteriorating health is identical with a decrease in the functioning of the body’s metabolism.

Tao Kung practitioners develop an awareness of their bodies that leads to improved balance, strength, flexibility and energy. Internally, Tao Kung corrects the capacity of nerves and organs that have experienced degradation caused by a depressed immune system. This type of degradation can result from aging, unhealthy eating and drinking habits or through exposure to poisons. We may or may not be aware of the negative effect this has on our internal organs.

Exercising the organs through Tao Kung is one way to return the body’s metabolism to a normal state without undue muscular strain. It can also increase stamina and renew damaged cells in the body. This system also maintains overall health, which is better than treating an ailment directly.

This system of exercise can be done by anyone who wants to lead a healthy and fit life through physical activity. The key to achieving this is awareness, desire and diligence.

A practitioner of the taokung both developed a conscience about their bodies to veer toward the an increase in the balance, the power of, flexibility and energy .Internally, taokung correcting the capacity of nerves and organist who suffered degradation caused by the immune system of the pressure. By processing the body through taoist kung is one of the ways to restore metabolism of the body to a normal condition without the tension of the muscles that is exaggerated .This can also increase stamina and renew damaged cells in the body.This system also preserve health as a whole , that is better than cure a disease directly. The type of degradation can be caused by aging, the habit of consumed the food and beverage or through toxic exposure .We might not realize the effect of negative to this in an internal organ.

So the mind of pressing and give the signal of fatigue on a body. Element calmness, patience and control of yourself the eroded that even when sports man pursue a target. Get a dominant mind again. Receives the load and the tension. This is the beginning of disruption of a balance which then felt in the symptoms of ill. Taokung the mean motion to harmony and harmony. Motion taokung cultivate the energy and precipitate eve that work simultaneously on the respiratory system to balance work of the brain as well as the meridian.


The Taokung training material

1. First Standard: cultivate the internal organs

2. Second Standard: cultivate motor nerve

3. Third Standard: cultivate lymph nodes




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Perguruan Silat Persatuan Gerak Badan (PGB) Bangau Putih berdiri sejak tanggal 25 Desember 1952. Pendiri adalah (alm) Suhu Subur Rahardja. Penerus sekarang adalah Guru Besar Gunawan Rahardja. Perguruan ini berpusat di Bogor, beralamat di Jl. Kebon Jukut No,1, Sukasari - Bogor 16142. ====================================== Persatuan Gerak Badan, (PGB) Bangau Putih, is a martial art school and community association that was founded in Bogor, West Java on December 25th, 1952 by the late Master Subur Rahardja or known as Suhu Subur. The Cent

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